McDonald’s is bringing back its fan-favorite Spicy Chicken McNuggets

McDonald’s is bringing back its fan-favorite Spicy Chicken McNuggets

It’s a blast from the not-so-distant-past at McDonald’s. After first arriving on the menu in September 2020 for a limited time, the fast food chain is bringing back its Spicy Chicken McNuggets to add some heat to your order.

McDonald’s has low-key listed the nuggets on its online menu and highlighting them with “They’re Back!” The nuggets are made with white chicken and breaded in a crispy coating that’s flavored with a blend of aged cayenne and chili pepper. It’s basically like the classic McNuggets got a fiery jolt.

When the Spicy Chicken McNuggets first hit the menu, the new Mighty Hot Sauce came with it to bring the heat from crushed red pepper and spicy chilis, as well as taste of garlic and hint of sweetness. Since it’s still listed on McDonald’s website (and pictured alongside the nuggets) as being around for a limited time, we’re hoping that means it’s also back.

“McDonald’s Spicy Chicken McNuggets are back for a limited time with a spicy breading that adds a real kick to the fan favorite Chicken McNuggets,” the description says.

You can order the Spicy Chicken McNuggets — in six-piece, 10-piece, 20-piece, and 40-piece options — at participating McDonald’s locations for a limited time. Now all you have to do is keep your fingers crossed that they’re available by you. Drive-thru, here we come!

Article Source: Yahoo! life

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